Saturday, June 18, 2011

Ch. 42 : Fishing for a Birthday

Carey made pancakes for breakfast, but Serenity prefers to make her own food on the weekends. She needs the practice.

Avarice’s goal to become a master thief  is going well. She’s a bank robber.

Carey thinks if she’s a bank robber she could afford to tip him more than 27 simoleons. But she’s family, so he’ll hold his tongue.

Serenity visits the park by the old Landgraab mansion. She catches a goldfish!

Beautiful scenery, warm sunlight, chilly pond water... She’ll remember this day forever. She can’t understand how Adrian doesn’t like the outdoors. He must be crazy. She’d spend all day outside and live in a tent if she could.

She spends all day there, and eventually catches something worth while. A nice sized Rainbow Trout. Awesome!

Good thing too, since Jamila sort of kicked the bucket.

Carey swears he fed it! ... Last week.

Blade ages up. He’s followed his mom into the criminal career and is already expecting a child with some girl he just married. Kristina Luna.

Before school rush. So many kids!
L -> R.
Lily Starr, Serenity Starr, Neal Combs, Nina DeMayo, Trinity Starr, Robert Wan (Michael Bachelor and Pauline Wan), Drake Slayer, Jarod Hillard, Zoe Starr, Lori Ring, Margarita Silverman. 

After Kori became human, Matthew was forced to take the “cure” public. Geoffery Landgraab and his new wife Iliana both took it. They’re currently expecting a child, the heir to the Landgraab estates.

Unlike her mother, Serenity is no genius. So homework takes longer then she thinks it should.

When its over, Serenity likes to practice her baking. Daddy bought her a second toy oven so she wouldn’t have to make the long trek up to her room and back every time she wanted to cook.

The twins grow up!

And Destiny:

The day of Serenity’s birthday, Kori gets a promotion.

A very important promotion... to the top of the business career track.

Carey’s band is still just an attic act... but he’s come to terms with it. He’s already a four star celebrity, and brings home the big bucks with appearances at bars and the Grind... and posing for pictures.

Serenity’s birthday comes during chores.

Hello teenage Serenity!

Carey thought this day would be sad... but he couldn’t be happier. He’ll be an elder before she graduates, so perhaps its best she didn’t stay a baby forever.

He lets her redecorate her room to make it more mature.


Bonus Pic: 

I got bored and decided to try my hand at making a house that ISN'T entirely fugly. I used the floor plan from a house I found on Modthesims. For some reason my .rar opener isn't working so I couldn't download it, which is why I just made a new one myself. 

I tried to make it spanish styled, and I'm going to have Serenity's generation move into it. How does it look?


  1. Serenity is really pretty (as I just said in the thread, lol) Great update.
    Your house looks really nice.

  2. Love the update and the house isn't fugly at all

  3. First time! Lol. My houses are usually horrible on the outside, by nice on the inside. Hopefully this one will be nice both inside and out.