Thursday, June 16, 2011

Ch. 40 : Little Princess

Ella calls with the news that Celeste had twins! Kori doesn’t want to hear it. Her mom keeps calling to ask about more grandkids, and Kori has no plans for it.

Carey has his birthday. His professional life didn’t turn out the way he thought it would when he left for Sunset Valley... but all in all, he’s doing good for himself.

Speaking of professions... Carey’s finally getting some fans. (Thats Rebecca Wan. Hank and Pauline’s daughter).

Starrstruck hasn’t booked any gigs yet, but Carey and Thomas hit the clubs whenever they can to play for tips. 

Celeste gave birth to twins earlier that day. She brought only one of them to the club with her. Watcher has no clue where the other twin and Adrian are.

... Celeste... you are a horrible mother.

Stacey’s mother is another bad parent. She has to babysit her younger brother Neal during her beach date with Blade.

Serenity loves reading with daddy.

But sometimes daddy is busy with mommy.

So Serenity taught herself to read. It wasn’t hard. 

For Serenity’s birthday, Kori and Carey buy her a cake. She’s a big girl and blows the candles out all by herself. 

She’s such a beautiful little girl, no? She gains the “shy” trait.

Carey redecorates the nursery to make it more suitable for his little princess.

Serenity approves. 

She likes being the princess.

She also loves the outdoors. 

And fishing!

Her first fish is a tiny, 0.1kg Minnow. But Serenity couldn’t be happier.

She insists on naming her fish Jamila and placing her in a fishbowl. Her parents just smile and nod.

Thomas and Celeste’s twins age into toddlers.
Trista Starr: (With yellow eyes and brown hair)

Destiny Starr: (With blue eyes and black hair)


Ella and Matthew now have five grandkids. (Old -> Young) Drake, Serenity, Adrian, Trista, Destiny. I didn't count Blade because he's Avarice's son, not Johnathan's. And while they raised Avarice, she wasn't actually their daughter.

Out of... what I think it ten "kids" in school, five are direct descendants of Roxie. Serenity, Adrian, and the new triplets (Who grow up in my next update. And are adorable!). 

This is the only generation where I'm showing photos of the cousins (and the triplets) because its still a early enough generation that they WOULD be close. Heck, my family keeps in touch with cousins who were related five or six generations ago. I'm expected to remember their names and birthdates (I don't).

I think It's ridiculous how sim toddlers can read. I mean, I knew how to read in spanish (native language) when I was three, but I was special. This is ridiculous! 

Spoiler for next update: WHY U SO HAWT, ADRIAN? YOU'RE JUST A KID!


  1. Look at all those childrens!! You dress them up so cute. =)

    I hope Carey isn't too upset with how his life is going, at least he still gets to play music!! =)

  2. Thanks so much for the compliment! Fashion design is actually something I'm really interested in in real life so that means a lot to me. (No not professionally... I just like making kids look pretty and cute).

    xD I'm trying to assign a colour to every kid in this "group" so I can tell them apart. Thomas' twins look EXACTLY the same minus the hair. I may put them in the same outfits and everything to really ruin their lives.

  3. I think Serenity is adorable! She's almost as cute as child Tyson XD (Okay, it could be equal :P)

  4. Serenity is very pretty. I love her little minnow, lol.

  5. I love Serenity! Cutest kid EVER!