Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Ch. 38 : Baby's Day Out

The following day, a limo arrives to pick up Ella and Matthew. They’ll only be moving a half hour’s drive away (if that), but its still a move. 

Ella makes sure to teach her only granddaughter something before she leaves. She wants to make sure to have a relationship with all her babies’ babies.

Question: What color are Kori’s eyes and who did she inherit them from? Someone go tell me real quick what Stiles McGraw’s eye color is. (I was under the impression Kori’s eyes were blue while she was a vampire... now I’m not so sure.)

To get her mind off of the giant empty house in the background, Kori takes Serenity out for a stroll.

 The kid loves the outdoors, but she ain’t impressed with the view from her stroller.

Eventually they take a break at the new cemetery Kori built over the old Iqbal house. It had been slated for demolition anyway, so Kori just sped up the process with some help from daddy and then renovated the land.

Carey meets them there and takes Serenity for a ride on the spring-pony. Kori warned him that Serenity wouldn’t want to leave... but he didn’t listen.

In the end, daddy gets his way. Serenity would just like him to know that she is not impressed.

Carey would just like her to know that daddy loves her.

Once Serenity is back up in her bed, the happy couple sit down to watch the stars together. 
“Do you remember the first time we did this?” She asks.
“Yeah.” Carey answers. “Your brother and his wife wouldn’t let us through the front door. And you proposed to me.”

“... Wanna break in the shower we bought to replace my brother’s?”

I don’t think they’re doing right. O_o

“Oh weird. Apparently my mom’s pregnant again!”

Carey’s always got the most perfect expressions to these sort of notifications.

Speaking of the expecting couple... you two are SO not responsible!

Yep. She’s preggers.

And Blade (Avarice and Travis) has finally got a girlfriend. She’s a sweetheart.

Avarice couldn’t be more proud.

Carey wonders how he’ll react when Serenity brings home a boyfriend. His little girl deserves nothing but the best. 

Kori’s attempts to read Serenity a bed time story fall on deaf ears. Serenity was asleep before Kori could even open the book.

“As there are still a number of days left in my maternity leave, I suggest we use this time to update the graveyard I bought in order to allow ourselves a comfortable blanket of revenue to leave to our daughter.”
When Kori talks all business-like, all Carey can think of is how much he wants to make love to her.

 She’s cool with that.


I dunno why Serenity is just SO adorable. I can't stop! <3 I just hope the cuteness carries on throughout her life. 

Kori's eyes are pissing me off now. I need to know where they came from.


  1. Glad you figured out the eyes thing. I think Kori's eyes are pretty.

    And I laughed at the newspaper notification.

  2. Agreed, Serenity is very cute and is already showing great expressions! She should be a very interesting character! =)

  3. Lol at Carey's expression... And the photo of Matthew and Ella passed out on the ground. Haha, classic.