Monday, June 13, 2011

Ch. 37 : Ideas

“... And her eyes! They’re just so beautiful. She’s got my hair and eyes, but the rest of her is all Kori. She’s just so beautiful.” 
In the past day since Serenity was born, Carey has already gone around town telling everyone who’ll listen how amazing his baby girl is.

“Yeah, I know what you mean. Everytime I see Drake, I just know that no matter how much I’ve screwed up in life, he’s proof that I’ve done one thing right.” 
Johnathan is in between jobs once again after deciding novel-writing just isn’t the right fit for him. 

After whining about stupid “standard” careers with each other, the boys get an idea. 
“We need to start a band.” Johnathan states. As if its the most obvious thing in the world.
Carey looks like he wants to kiss him.

“Lets call it... Starrstruck.” Carey offers.
Johnathan makes a face. “One “r” or two? Because if its two, that’d be really lame.”
“One “r”.” Carey lies. “You know... like... astronomy.”

After signing up the band at City Hall (and receiving a thumbs up from Matthew through his office window), Carey heads to the rest of the family to try and get more band members. Thomas is the only one he can find.
“So... band. What do you think?”
“Well... I’ve heard lamer. What would you like me to play?”

“Um... well, what can you play?”
“What are you best at?”
“Everything. I’m a god amongst musical fools!”

“Drums.” Celeste sighs from the couch. “He plays them all day and night. I think he’s trying to drive the neighbors insane.” Thomas and Celeste live across the street from Avarice and Johnathan so that’s a possibility.

“Oh I love the drums!” Thomas states. “They’re my favourite!”
Carey figures he should have asked that first.

Random picture: Bree Ursine and her youngest, Toya. 

Johnathan is horrible at painting, so when he comes downstairs and picks up a brush, Ella knows something’s up. 

“Matthew?” She asks once she realizes he won’t start the conversation. “Is something the matter?”
“Yeah.” He mutters at last, putting the brush down. “I uh... got a call from Jack today. They’ve finally released your uncle’s will. And he mentions you in it.”

Vile died weeks ago, when Kori and Johnathan were still young. Ella refused to grieve. “Oh? Thats nice. But whatever it is, I don’t want it. He’s not my family, and I just want to put my memories of him behind me.”
“I know that, Bells.” Matthew soothes. “But I also know that he tried to make amends for the way he treated you. I know he tried calling you every day when he was old. And I know thats why you kept changing our numbers. I think the least you can do is hear the will out.”
“FIne.” She sighs. “What did he leave me?”

“Just a little shack up in the mountains... The city’s architects have already checked it out. Its a beautiful property, and if you say no, it’ll just be destroyed.”
“I’ve seen it.” She admits. “... It would be a shame to see such a beautiful house destroyed, wouldn’t it?”
“So you should accept it. For the city.”
“And we could live in it and take care of it.” She adds.
Matthew smiles. “It’ll be nice to be alone with you at last. We never have had a place all to ourselves, now have we?”

“We’ll leave just after Serenity’s birthday.” They decide.

Celeste gives birth! Say hello to baby Adrian... he doesn’t mind sleeping on the floor. Really.

Matthew’s busy packing for the move, so Carey goes to the Slayer household to babysit the boys. Poor Drake is always scared his parents are going to break up since they fight so much.

Blade wants his cool uncle to know that art is lame.

And so is his little brother.

And Serenity has her birthday. As stated earlier... she’s got a lot of her dad’s genes.



  1. I love Serenity's outfit :) I like the idea of Adrian being her help, I love the name :) I hope he turns out cute :)

    And clashing personalities could be fun, like if she's charismatic and he's a bookworm :P

  2. Ooh, a band! I love band stories. =)

    I also love the humor you put into your writing, very funny stuff! "Starrstruck"