Monday, June 13, 2011

Ch. 36 : Serene

Ella had meant to finish the sculpture for the wedding, but Kori doesn’t mind. Its the thought that counts.

... And the AWESOME car her parents bought her as a wedding gift more then makes up for the missing ice sculpture.

Carey’s is absolutely thrilled at the baby news. He can’t wait to be a dad. And if the kid doesn’t have Carey’s eyes, Watcher will be sad.

Ella is finally talking to Matthew again. Two of their children will have given them grandchildren now. Only Thomas is left.

Sometimes, you get a rockstar like Roxzaine who is always surrounded by people wanting to hear her music.

And sometimes, you’re Carey Starr. 
No crowd = No money.

He catches his brother-in-law, Johnathan out by the Art Gallery and decides to chat. As it turns out, Johnathan has left the music track to pursue a career in writing.
“I never liked singing.” He insists. “I’ve aways just wanted to write lyrics that tell a story. Y’know?” 
Carey knows.

When Kori hears that Celeste is expecting, she heads over to give her congratulations. Celeste is still in the early stages of pregnancy while Kori is ready to pop at any minute. Both girls are just ecstatic that their children will grow up along side each other.

Thomas tries to convince everyone he’s crazy by playing his drums in the kitchen. He’s not actually insane. Just annoying.

Kori goes into labour as soon as she starts to head home.

Carey makes it to the hospital only seconds after his wife does. He’s not terrified the baby will be born a vampire... but it is in the back of his mind.

Say hello to baby Serenity Starr.

Mortimer’s third child is born the same day. Her name is Toya. Bree gave birth to her and then dumped Mortimer... for Bella’s son. 

After putting Serenity to sleep, Kori dreams of baby toys.

... And stocks.

Matthew tries to convince Ella to make a baby with him. She’s not convinced just yet...


The car was bought by selling the gifts Ella and Matthew gave the newlyweds. So... "technically" it can be said that they bought it.

Poor Carey hasn't even made a penny by busking. I send him everywhere! But no dice. It makes me sad. 

I have two more chapters already written out so I may post another one later today. Depends if I have time to play and get more photos for the next update.


  1. Aw, how sweet :) I would love to see another update :P

  2. Wow, that's quite a present!

    I love the shot of Kori and the baby in the car, she actually LOOKS tired. =)