Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Ch. 30 : Burdened

A few different bars and clubs have opened in town. Kori visits the latest to see what the night life in town is like. 
Answer: Non-existent. 

Ah well. It gives her the opportunity to practice her piano. The mixologist on duty thinks she’s amazing. Ella can’t imagine why. The rest of her family is just as good.

Sunday finds Thomas preparing pranks for the upcoming week.

... And sitting on the see-saw. Again. What an odd, odd young man. 

Kori needs to get out of the house after walking in on her parents in the shower together. She heads to the art gallery to donate some of her mom’s paintings.

Someone walks in behind her. She’s never seen him before but thats not a surprise. She doesn’t get out much. She tries to sneak past him but he makes a bee-line for her the minute he sees her.

“Hey, you’re Kori Starr, aren’t you?” 
“Yes, that is correct. How may I help you?”

“You can apologize.”
“Pardon me? What exactly must I apologize for?”
“You bought out the theatre, didn’t you? I spent every penny I had moving her when I got my big break, only to have my boss tell me the new owner wants me gone on my first day of work.”

For the first time in her life, Kori doesn’t know what to say. She feels like a complete and utter moron. When she bought out the theatre it had been to help her brother. She’d never realized getting rid of Johnathan’s competition could hurt someone. 
“You have no idea how sorry I am. Really! I never-” She stops herself, knowing she can’t put her regret into words. 

“If you’d like, I’m sure I can offer you your old job back. Or even a higher position.”

“That’s not necessary.” He assures her. “I don’t think I’m mad anymore... I don’t know... For a while I wanted nothing more than to yell at you, but you’re just a kid. How old are you anyway?”

“Um... I graduated from highschool a few days ago. I’m not that young! You don’t look much older, you know.”
“Hah! I graduated a full week ago! I’m like an aged seer compared to you, duckling.”

“No no no.” Kori says with a smile. “I’m no duckling! Maybe more of a sapling... or even-”
“A kid?”
“Stop comparing me to baby animals!” She laughs, swatting him on the arm as he hides his smirk behind a hand.

“Maybe we got off to the wrong start.” He smiles once their laughter has faded. “My name is Carey Burden. I just moved here.”
“Kori Starr.” She answers. “I was born here.”

“Its a pleasure to meet you, Kori.” Carey answers with a smile. “Maybe we can hang out sometime? Get to know each other better?” 
Kori smiles at him, blushing softly. “Yeah. I’d like that a lot.”

Before heading home, Kori makes things right by stopping by the theatre and insisting the manager offer Carey a job as a lyrisist. A MUCH higher position then his original one.


Carey Burden (God I love his name) is a character from Calisims/YangTheCat's latest Legacy. Found here. Kori rolled a wish to ask him out as soon as she introduced herself. That made me giggle. 


  1. I miss Carey!
    It's great he can live again in your legacy. And maybe not have to wait forever to get married this time, lol.

    Great update! I like Thomas a lot as well, he's such an odd one.

  2. Thomas.... LOL. He is peculiar but I <3 him.