Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Ch. 29 : A Very Important Date

Even though she technically has her own room now, Kori still keeps to her little corner. Its comforting with all her memories and achievements. 

She’s been living off of only plasma juice since she became a teen, so its no big deal for her to give up regular food now that she’s an adult. Plus its faster.

Graduation day is here, and Kori is terrified. Johnathan has decided to not attend, and without her brother there, she’s scared about delivering her valedictorian speech. 

Thomas’ plan to blow up city hall with missles is just his attempt to help ease his sister’s stage fright through a distraction. 

The speech went great and Kori was voted “Most likely to succeed”. 

“Mother, by investing our fortune in various businesses I will be able to increase our revenue by an amount that shall keep our family wealthy and in good confidence for many many generations!” 
Ella really doesn’t care, but she lets her daughter rant on. Business is the only thing Kori seems to be passionate about.

Matthew wishes Kori could be passionate about another sim. He wants a wedding, dammit. 

Is she talking to a boy? Nope... just her boss.

Thomas runs into his childhood friend, Celeste Tong at the bistro. And she’s beautiful... and apparently wants to be a master thief when she’s older. 

Kate Berges who? 
“Will you marry me, Celeste?”

“Haha! No, Thomas! We’re too young! How about just a date for now?”

“Well then, Celeste Tong, will you go on a date with me?”
“*Giggle* Kay~.”

A bunch of flirting and one kiss later...

“If you won’t marry me... how about we start off going steady?” 
She loves the idea.

Thomas is the only guy in town who would “serenade” a girl with rock drums.

Celeste is the only girl in town who would find it romantic. 


Originally I wanted Thomas to end up with Kate but then she aged up before he could even ask her out. Then he rolled a wish to ask Celeste out on a date and I realized she'd aged up into a teen already. I'd thought she was far too young for him. But she is just SUCH a beautiful teen... I couldn't resist. 

Next chapter is Carey! Yay! 

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