Monday, June 6, 2011

Ch. 28 : Grown Ups

The number of vampires in this house is ridiculous. Ella feels like all she ever does is clean up empty plasma juice boxes. 

Avarice gives birth and Johnathan comes over to visit. 

And of course get acquainted with baby Blade. 

Babies everywhere! Thats Korey Ursine, Bree’s son.

“Bells, I don’t understand why you insist we work out every night... We’re vampires, we don’t gain weight.”
“So? It doesn’t mean we can’t look BETTER.”

While Matthew devotes most of his free time to fundraising, Ella spends much of her time painting.

The moments they get to spend together are always special.

Matthew doesn’t miss the sun. Not when he can spend all night stargazing with his wife.

Johnathan brings a girl home from school, Kate Berges. They’re just friends.

Thats good news for Thomas. He’s got a... bit of a crush. And it has nothing to do with the fact that Kate’s the only other evil teen in town. 

The boys broke the hot tub. Matthew goes off to fix it.


The kids aren’t scared of the fire, or that their dad was nearly electrocuted... they want to know if the tub can be saved!

The next morning is John and Kori’s birthday. Johnathan gets some drum practice in before its time to blow out the candles... Thomas is not impressed.

Kori is first up. 

Casual business attire? It looks great on her.

Johnathan chooses to blow out his candles outside. 

He looks like an actor. I can’t quite think of which actor it is...

“So... birthday plans, sis?”
“Apply for a job, attain a job, make my boss love me, get rich.”
“I meant for today.”
“Yes. Precisely.”

Job applied for and attained. Half the list is already over.

On her way to meet her boss for lunch at the bistro, she runs into Johnathan. 

“They won’t hire me! Apparently it doesn’t matter that grandma was the biggest thing to ever happen to this town musically. They say they only have room for one star in town, some guy named Carey.”
Kori frowns at him. “Well why don’t we buy them out? Once we own the theatre I’m sure we can fire or hire whomever we wish. Even you.”
“... Have I ever told you that I loved you, Kori? You’re like... the song of wind that keeps me up and helps me through life, y’know?”
Okay so he sucks at lyrics. But at least he can play the guitar.

That night, Johnathan moves in with Avarice.


Ella always has the best facial expressions. I love her. Thomas will grow into an elder in just over a week, so no big deal for waiting for him to move out. He has yet to attain a girlfriend, but we'll see what happens. I want to make sure he has kids so that at least one strand of the Starr family lives on as vampires. 

The hottub fire was actually a glitch. Had to re-start the game without saving because the fire kept returning after it had already been doused. Luckily I only lost half a day because I saved right after Matthew won 5-star celebrity status. 

And now for a bonus picture: 

Kori with Carey's hair. Just cause she's adorable. And really reminds me of Oregon. O_o 

Gen Three rolls reminder: 
 - Couple
- One child
- Primary Career: Business
- Secondary Career: Busker/Band
- Generation goal: Property Mogul
- Extra fun: Luxury


  1. Great update, I think Jonathan and Avarice are cute together. :D
    Kori looks great, she grew up pretty like her mother.
    Please be nice to my Carey, lol.

  2. Wow, I love Kori with Carey's hair!

    "Thomas will grow into an elder in just over a week, so no big deal for waiting for him to move out"
    I know it was just a typo, but that made me laugh so hard. From teen to elder XD

  3. Hah, I was wondering if you were talking about Carey Enmity, from Melissa's legacy. And then I read her comment, and now I can't wait to see what he and Kori get up to.

    And lol, Kori's plan for the day. I laughed.