Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Ch. 25 : Regret and "Winning"

Between work, school, homework, and practicing her insane amount of hobbies, Kori doesn’t get much free time. 

 She’s always thankful for her vampire heritage. It guarantees she has time for at least a few hours of sleep a night.

Despite the fact that Avarice is always terrorizing Johnathan and stealing his guitar and homework... they’re best friends.

Neither of them really wants to admit it... but they both want to be just a bit more than just best friends.

Johnathan makes the first move.
“You look really nice today, Avi.”

“You’re the sweetest guy in town, John... you really are.”
“You’re just saying that.”
“You know I’m not.”

“Well... you’re the most beautiful girl in town. And the smartest.”
“Next to Kori.”
“Nah... Kori’s just book smart. You’re world smart. You’re amazing.”
Johnathan always knows just what to say to make Avarice’s world light up.

Makes it hurt all the more when she has to turn his advances down. She’s already dating Travis, but even if she wasn’t, it would be too weird. They’re cousins after all.

Johnathan tries confiding his crush to his mother.

But she just doesn’t understand.

“You are RELATED.”
“Geeze mom... its’ not like I was adopted or anything, right?”
Ella ignores his pointed sarcasm.

(Thomas by the way has since become a child but I forgot to take a photo of him.

The girls decide to keep grandma Roxie’s wall colour while decorating their room. The room divider creates some nice privacy that neither girl has experienced before. And they add a hamper to keep away the sweaty clothes smell from their shared athletic trait. 

The boys don’t really care about privacy or smell. Just as long as there’s enough room for all their toys.

Matthew is so popular even ghosts are lining up to take his photo.

The gifts are awesome. Especially the hot tub. Ella’s happy for the excuse to finally show off that sexy bathing suit she’d bought when she first married Matthew.

Even though Matthew has enough power in the world to keep his family safe forever, he still won’t allow any hired help to enter the house. Ever. So that means his spare time between work and campaign fundraising is usually dedicated to cleaning.

Whatever time is left is split between his children and his wife, in Ella’s favor. 

The next day, Matthew leaves early for the presidential election. Ella gets up with him to wish him luck. 
“I love you. Good luck.”

“Thanks. But do you really think I have a chance? My platform’s biggest promise to protect freedom of all, but now that I’m a vampire it almost feels like I’m doing this for selfish reasons.”
“You’re not selfish. And people will see that. You will win, I know it.”

For the first time since Ella got married, she’s home completely alone. All the kids are at school, and Matthew will be at work all day. Instead of staying home in the huge house all alone, she decides to pay a visit to an old... relative.

“Oh its you. I thought I smelled roast llama.” 

“Nice to see old age hasn’t got rid of that horrible attitude, old man.” 
“Nice to see that vampire curse has fixed your ugly complexion, brat.”
Just like when she was a child, Ella decides to hold her tongue and just take his insults. 

Unlike when she was a child, she has the chance to leave, and takes it. He catches up to her at the gate. 
“I don’t even know why I came here! I thought, maybe, I could give you another chance, at least for Avarice’s sake. But I can see now that all you are is a horrible, bitter old man who will never understand what responsibility is. Your daughter misses you so much, you know. I miss you so much. You’re a horrible person, but you’re the only family we’ve ever had.”
“Or at least.” She continues. “The only family you ever let us have.” 

“Ella...” He tries to say before falling silent at the sight of her glare. He sighs before regaining his composure. “I must ask you to leave now, and to never return. You’re trespassing on my property. It would look bad for your husband if the police had to remove you from the home of your serial killer uncle, wouldn’t it?”
Ella doesn’t say anything further to him. But she does leave.

Matthew doesn’t win the election. But before he can leave the office, a group of men in black suits approach him. 
“We hope you’re having a good afternoon, Mr. Starr.” They begin, not even bothering to knock as they enter the room. “We represent an alliance of world leaders who control and maintain the world as we know it.”
Matthew wonders if he should call the police or the looney bin and tells them as much.
The man who appears to be in charge cracks a smile at last. “I can see why you’d think that. But I assure you we’re telling the truth.”
“And why tell me then?” Matthew asks. “Go re-read the poll results. I lost.”
“We know you did.” The man answers. “Thats what we were counting on. You’re young, Mr. Starr, but you’re brilliant. Your skills would be wasted on something as petty as Presidency. We were tempted to tip the polls in your favour regardless, until your wife turned you into a vampire.”
“So I lost the polls because of that?”
“No.” The man states. “You’ve won. Early this morning all foreign leaders plus our new president voted on who they believe would be the best candidate for the new Leader of our organization. Its a life long position, available only to vampires. Any guesses who the unanimous winner was?”

Matthew decides he could get used to this.


Am I the only one who always thinks of conspiracies when they play a sim in the political career? Yes? ... oh..

Not goanna lie, the scene with Ella and Vile made me sad. He's going to die soon. I think this may be his last appearance in the story... at least while he's alive. His legacy, however, will live on for a while.

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