Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Ch. 9 : Networking

“Ohmygosh, mom! BEST. GAME. EVER.”

You just missed her, Matthew. She’s getting some practice in before her shift starts.

So after school, Matthew heads to Ella’s house again. 

“So how come I didn’t see you at school today? Mrs. McAllister says you aren’t even enrolled.”

“Well... thats because I’m not.” Ella answers. “We move around a lot, so my uncle thought it would be more efficient to home school me himself. Plus he was always scared that I’d get in trouble because he’s not exactly the most popular person in the political world right now.”

Matthew zones out about her uncle’s popularity score and focuses instead on the fact that she’s travelled. “Thats so cool! I’ve always wanted to travel the world! I wonder if I’ll be able to do that when I go into politics.”

Before Ella can answer, her uncle Vile arrives home from work.

He sits down on his reserved seat and watches the couple closely. After a minute Ella breaks the silence. 

“Uncle, this is Matthew Starr, he’s-”
“You’re that celebrity’s son, aren’t you?” Vile interrupts as Ella makes a sad expression and then excuses herself quickly. “There’s a signed photo of your mother on my secretary’s desk.”
Matthew blushes for a moment before nodding. “Yeah. I’m Roxie Starr’s kid. I’ve been looking forward to meeting you, sir, I’m thinking of going into politics after graduation.”
“Good!” Vile laughs. “I like meeting kids who’ve got their life planned out. If you ever need any advice or help, don’t be afraid to ask.”
“Thank you, sir!” 

Matthew can’t understand why Vile would be so unpopular in the other cities. He seems proper and sane enough, at least in comparison to the other politicians Matthew’s met. When Ella returns he tells her as much. 
“My uncle... is very strict to his beliefs. And not everyone can accept those beliefs. Things will go south soon, just like they always do.”
Matthew thinks she’s being melodramatic.

“Well, I really hope that if things do go wrong, you’ll stay here in Sunset Valley... with me.”
“What do you mean?”
“I mean I kinda... sorta... maybe... really really like you. I’d be sad if you left.” 
“That’s so sweet.”

“And maybe... you wouldn’t mind... being my um... my girlfriend?”

She says yes.

“Kiss me, you fool.”

Vile doesn’t mind the happy new couple as they head out on a date. He doesn’t even give them a curfew. He has big things in mind for Matthew. And the boy’s attraction to his niece just makes it easier to get to him.
Isn’t networking fun?

Ugh. I know thats the wrong use of the word "networking" but whatever. I suck at titles anyway. (If you haven't noticed)

I like Vile. He was the serial killer sim I made for another challenge. It was fun. That may or may not have been a spoiler. : )

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  1. "Kiss me, you fool." ...great line. Can't wait to see what happens with Matthew and Uncle Vile!