Monday, May 16, 2011

Ch. 8 : The Slayers/Trouble with Vampires Pt. 1

Roxie gets a promotion into yet another ugly outfit.

At least a little music will cheer her up.

Her music attracts more than just magical notes from hammer space. Namely: Mortimer Goth.
“Oh wow! Are you a vampire like Gunther?”
“Haha no! I’m human.”
“Oh how silly of me! I see that now.”

“Don’t look now but theres a vampire right over there.”
“Lawl. There’re so many here in the Valley!”

While his mom gossips with their neighbors, Matthew gets a much needed makeover. He was going to go with the suit until his stylist said it would make him look like the teacher’s pet. 
Poor kid’s been scarred for life.

Teri invites him over to her place and tries to flirt with him but he ignores her, preferring to speak to her father, the vampire police man. He’s really cool and David knows that he’ll need the local PD’s support if he ever wants to get anywhere in the political world.

“So the sun’s a no-no?”
“Its a no-no.”

With Teri whining about being the only single person in her family, Matthew decides to head over to Cori’s house to ask her out. She may not be the prettiest girl in town anymore, but she’s his best friend so they can at least pretend to be together so that other people will leave them alone, right?
However before he can even leave the Bunch house, Arlo starts talking about the new family that just moved into town, the Slayers. 
Intrigued, Matthew heads over to the new family to give them a warm welcome.

The young Ella Slayer greets him in the front yard warily before finally warming up to him. They talk a bit, and he finds out she’s just moved from Twinbrook with her uncle and grandfather. 
Matthew wants to talk more but its getting late, and she asks him to leave before her guardians get home.

On the way home he can't stop thinking about her. There's just something there.... 


The Slayers were actually the family I made for another challenge, the "Dead Walk in Riverview" challenge. Tom Slayer and his two young children, Vile and Vanity. Ella was the second child born to Vanity, but I preferred her to her older brother (He was ugly). Unfortunately I lost the family in my laptop crash last month, so these are just clones. 

Still, Ella's lovely. I love her.

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