Sunday, May 15, 2011

Ch. 7 : Double Party Banzai

“Soooo... its my birthday today.”
“I know that, Matthew sweetie. I was thinking of planning a party.”
“Can it be here at home?”

“Of course, sweetheart, why do you ask?”
“Cause Cori and I want to have a double birthday and she’s shy so I want it to be somewhere familiar for her.”
Just then Roxie realized she needed to be home more often in the evenings because she had no idea who this Cori was.

After setting everything up for that evening, Roxie takes a day off work and heads to the park to get some practice in.
Being a celebrity means getting your own limo.

She looks sad but thats just because its a tragic love song about a girl who married before she found the man of her dreams, and had to give up everything to finally be with him.

Matthew just makes sure to get some dance practice in before school.

The party begins.

Cori is just happy that Matthew is the only person from school who’ll be at the party. She doesn’t like the other kids. They all make fun of her vampirism, even Teri!

“Aaaw mom... you’re embarrassing me...”

He’s actually kind of adorable... except for those awful lips.

Cori’s turn.
“I wish for a pony!”

Ugh.... bad hair day.

The day after the party, Roxie visits her oldest friend, Erin Kennedy. Erin couldn’t make it to the party because of her health issues, so Roxie is sure to share all the previous day’s gossip.

“You should have seen their hair styles! Ugh! And people made fun of me for MY highlights, right?” 


Short but it gets funner next chapter. I like Matthew. He's fun. Poor Cori is so ugly now. I feel bad for her since even Teri BUNCH has a nicer face than her now. And when a Bunch is prettier then you....

Yeah. Poor girl.

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