Saturday, May 14, 2011

Ch. 6 : Your Future Leader

At night, Matthew dreams of the future.
Will he be king of the stage like his mother and her family?

Or perhaps something useful like a teacher?

Or maybe he’ll just stay home and be a freeloader like all the other boys in town plan on being.

One field trip to City Hall later... he’s made his decision: Leader of the free world.

Politicians have always been regarded as scum in Sunset Valley, so Matthew decides to start off by doing something his mother forbade... he reads her diary and finds out who his father is. And then goes to meet him.

At first, Matthew isn’t impressed. THIS is the famous casanova his mother’s friends are always whispering about?

Stiles just stands there staring at Matthew for a moment before finally finding the right words. “Aren’t you Roxie’s kid? The brainiac with the grades?” Matthew blushes and Stiles chuckles softly. “I still can’t believe you came out of her. Roxie never struck me as the mothering type.”
“She’s an awesome mom.” Matthew retorts. 
“I can’t deny that.” Stiles agrees. “Hey who’d she end up with anyway? She never talks about a husband at work.”

“Well thats cause she never got married. My dad doesn’t talk to us.”

“Oh?” Stiles asks. “Well then who’s your dad? Must be quite the scum to just leave you and your mom like that.”
“Well... you’re my dad.”
The look on Stile’s face is priceless, but Matthew’s expression is even better so I’ll give you that one.

Roxie feels a disturbance in the force... but that might just be because the latest no-body author to write her life story claimed she was raised on Alderaan and is the jedi daughter of the sith lord, Darth Cry-baby.

Either way, her celebrity level is going up every day, despite the fact that she’s only a quartet member. Most of the Valley residents were so shocked when she left the band to join the orchestra, but her friends all understood. Roxie liked to keep all the parts of her life nice and separate. She was a rockstar in her daily life, so why would she want to be one on the stage as well?

But she does wish her uniform could be more attractive... it makes her look like a clown.

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  1. Haha Matthew. He's quite ambitious. "Hmm... I'll think I'll become leader of the free world. That sounds doable..." lol cute kid!