Sunday, May 8, 2011

Ch. 5 : Mommy's Little Angel

Work work work... Roxie loves her music, and her job, but the highlight of each day is her time spent with her little boy.

“Yeeess... Pro-mo-ti-on. That means mommy has enough money to throw you another birthday party!”

Matthew really takes after his dad.

“Blow out the candles sweetie, just like a big boy.”

After the party:
“What? Matthew, did you break the TV?”

“And the shower!”


But Matthew really is an angel... Literally at times.

But unlike his athletic mother...

("Must... lose... more... baby weight!")

... He prefers to exercise his mind. 
This is Matthew beating a grown man at a chess game:

This is Marty Keaton realizing he just got owned at chess by a little boy:

And this is Roxie fixing the laundry machine once again, before getting a call from Pauline.

“Oh my gosh, girl! Where have you been?”
“With Matthew, remember? He’s getting so big now...”
“Thank goodness! Listen, why don’t you come down to the Bistro for a show? We miss your music.”

As popular as ever.

There’s been quite the baby boom in Sunset Valley since Roxzaine’s arrival.

Starting with Justin Keaton (Henry’s still very unattractive alternate-dimension twin).

And Bree Ursine... yes... she’s female.

Here’s Bree with her friend Darlene Bunch as teens. I don’t know if she’s prettier or uglier as a teen...

And here’s Teri Bunch, the second vampire child to be born in Sunset Valley.

She’s thinking about the Valley’s resident female Angel, Cori Landgraab. The eldest born vampire in the city, and by far the cutest.

She and Matthew are best friends.

“You smell delicious~.”
“Nice try, nerdella, your dad says you can’t drink blood until you’re a grown up.”

When Matthew isn’t out with Cori or doing homework out in the sun:

He likes to curl up on the fancy couch his mom got from her agent with a good book while the radio plays one of his mom’s compositions in the background.

Despite being the life of every party, and hosting a fair number of her own, Roxie prefers to let her own birthday slide under the carpet and celebrates it alone one night after work.

“Go away. I’m old and ugly now.”

While his mother freaks out over her new wrinkles, Matthew decides to start helping out around the house by cleaning up.

Roxie eventually starts helping as there is just too much work for one sim.

Yes Geoffery, go home before you burn to death. 

My gosh, do all Vampires have death wishes?

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