Saturday, May 7, 2011

Ch. 4 : Single Female Mother

Life as a single mom is pretty hard. Especially when you’re so broke you have to make your newborn son sleep next to the oven.

But still, Roxie proves she can be a super-mom by jugging work calls.

Small home repairs.


... More... small... home repairs...

Mother ---ing sink and you ---ing pipes full of ----.

And of course keeping the creepy paparazzi away from baby Matthew. Roxie really misses the electric fence that surrounded her childhood home in the Bridgeport Hills.

She couldn’t be happier when Matthew’s first birthday comes around, so she throws him an epic party. She makes a point to “forget” about inviting Stiles. Luckily he doesn’t crash it.

First thing Matthew does is play with his peg box in the brand new bedroom Roxie managed to afford after selling the shrubbery from the front of the house and some of the paintings.

This is creepy:


After the party but before bed, Roxie decides to teach her baby boy to walk. 

Mommy’s baby needs to be be nice and responsible for himself before mommy has to go back to work and start leaving him with babysitters.

As you can see, Matthew goes through babysitters like a vampire goes through human mates. They’re pass through his life too quickly for him to grow attached.
But Mr. Wuggles will never leave him. Will you Mr. Wuggles?


I think Matthew is my favourite toddler/child ever to be born into my games. He's not the most attractive kid but he's just got SUCH a personality! Just like Roxie. LOVE her facial expressions.

Oh and the title is a pun on the Futurama television show: Single Female Lawyer.

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