Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Ch. 24 : Birthdays, promises and skilling

The day before their birthday, Kori masters her logic skill...

... And Johnathan is out buying new books.

Johnathan gets his cake first. 

He would APPRECIATE it if you stopped calling him Travis, Avarice.

Much better.

Kori just realized she’s going to have to impress a whole new set of teachers and make new friends! Shoot! Ah the trials of being a loner and a genius.

“Father. I have decided that my best course of action for the upcoming school year would be to attain a part-time job. Particularly one at the book store.” She leaves out the part that she’s only getting a job as an excuse to not hang out with the kids in the neighborhood after school.

Right after the party, Avarice takes the opportunity to ask Travis to be her boyfriend. 
“I don’t usually get into anything serious.” He begins. “But... okay. I like you a lot, Avi, so lets try this out.”

Johnathan is not impressed. Travis has already “dated” three of his friends from school. On a side note, Vile is currently dating the older sister of one of Johnathan’s friends... but thats not important. Just creepy.

Also creepy: Cori Landgraab has become a stalker.

Johnathan goes to clean up Roxie’s old room for Avarice and Kori, he finds Roxie’s spare guitar and decides to give it a try.

He’s got a natural talent and decides to pursue music once he’s an adult.

Thomas’s crib is in a completely different room, but the girls still wake up to his crying. They make a pact to never EVER have kids when they’re adults. 

Ella’s already done with kids, and she’s already done with skilling. Everything she touches comes out as a masterpiece. 

Matthew’s a far slower learner then his wife, so it takes him most of my young adult life to master only one skill, charisma. But master it he does.

Only minutes before a new feeling engulfs him.

OH MY GOSH WHY ARE YOU SO SEXY NOW? I mean... oh hey, purple vampire eyes are awesome.

Johnathan skips his first day of school to play guitar out in the park. He’s going to be a rockstar, school doesn’t matter anymore, right? At least thats what Avarice tells him.

To drive in JUST how creepy Vile’s new love is...
Vile and a random friend:

Vile’s girlfriend. She graduated from highschool about a week ago.