Monday, May 30, 2011

Ch. 23 : Thanatophobia

Thomas is growing up so quickly. He masters the xylophone in a day but then quickly loses interest in it, despite being virtuoso. 

In a desperate attempt to make sure at least ONE of her grandchildren follow in her footsteps, Roxie throws a private, dinner-time concert to bring out the rockstar in everyone.

The girls just head straight for the fridge. But Johnathan... well, he’s amazed.

Avarice brings a boy home from school. His name is Travis Bunch, he’s Lisa Bunch and Michael Bachelor’s son (I think). 

Avarice knows  he’s kinda goofy looking, and sort of a dweeb... but he’s literally the only boy her age in the ENTIRE city who doesn’t live with her. Plus he’s so sweet.

Ella spends her days helping with homework, making sure Travis leaves before curfew, and ensuring all the kids get to bed on time.

Matthew spends his days out gathering fund donations for his bid for presidency. He’s recently been voted into the Beige House as Vice-President. It means less time at home, but he’ll make it up to the family somehow.

Roxie meets Travis at a party. He doesn’t know that Roxie and Avarice live together, so he instantly starts boasting about the number of girls he’s seeing. Roxie is not impressed.

She heads home to warn Avarice, but as soon as she gets through the door...

The kids don’t take it well.

Roxie meets death with dignity and grace. It was her time and she accepts that. She looks forward to seeing Erin and her family in the afterlife. 

Roxie’s death has left Matthew in pieces. The campaign gives Matthew time off to grieve, but Ella isn’t sure if thats a good or bad thing as the best thing for her husband right now would be a distraction.

They set Roxie’s grave in the yard across from Cori’s. Decorated it with Roxie’s favourite guitar and some gems from France.

Death is nothing new to Ella. She’s been surrounded by it ever since she was born. Death does not give her grief... it just makes her plot.

She finds Matthew in Roxie’s room. He’s just standing there looking at the walls. 
“I think... this will be a good room for Kori and Avarice. We’ll just need to change the wallpaper a bit. The boys can keep the upstairs room. What do you think?” He turns to look at her, noticing as if for the first time the saddened look on her face. “Bells?”

“Whats wrong?”
“You’re... dying. I finally understand why my father tried to turn us. I can see now how short your life is... and I can’t bear the idea of going on without you.”

“Baby, don’t be sad. Why didn’t you tell me this was so hard on you? I would gladly become a vampire if it will cheer you up. The sun means nothing to me if it means causing you pain.”

“Oh Matthew... this means the world to me.” 

“So... my wrist, right?”

Ella giggles. “No sweetie...”

“... Here.”

I mean... “Thank you, Matthew... you have no idea how much this helps my fears.”

“I told you we’d be together forever, Ella. And I never break a promise.”

Ella’s been dying to make Matthew a vampire since she was turned. It was literally her first wish after becoming a vampire. Originally I was going to have Ella leave Matthew days before he turned Elder, and have her move back in with Vile to continue his legacy of killing. As soon as I rolled a P. I. career I’d have him/her go on a search for the cause behind the disappearances in town, and have him/her track Ella down. Then she’d turn herself in/die and be buried next to Matthew in the yard. 
But then you guys just HAD to have almost ten depressing updates in a row. I couldn’t add onto that so I decided to indulge Ella’s wish and turn Matthew into a  vampire. Besides, I like these two, they deserve a happy ending. 
The part where Ella bites Matthew on the neck instead of the wrist really happened. First time I’ve seen that. Maybe because its the first time I’ve “turned” a sim post marriage. 
Oh, and not even kidding here. Travis is the ONLY male in the entire city who isn’t an adult or one of Kori’s brothers. Looks like I’m goanna have to start moving guys in...
FYI: This is Vile’s “Little shack in the mountains”.

What a jerk.


  1. Awww that's really sweet. I was going to do something along the same lines but seeing as you've already done it i might just make Gina run away to save herself the sorrow of Derek's death.

  2. Vile took the Goth house? LOL!
    Matthew and Ella are sweet, it's nice they can stay together. Vamp/human relations are tricky with the whole aging and dying thing.
    And I know what you mean about having to move in potential romance partners, that has happened to me so many times.