Sunday, May 29, 2011

Ch. 22 : Family Life

“I don’t WANT to go to school tomorrow! Avi got me a list of all the books in their library and I’ve already read them all!”

“Well the alternative to that is remaining at home and allowing mother to photograph us for her paintings.”
“You talk funny, Kori.”
“I’ve been told that before.”

For fun, Johnathan goes through his family’s bookshelves for something he hasn’t already read.

Kori plays with her dolls.

And Avarice watches horror movies.

Ella just hopes this baby will come out normal... whatever normal means. 

Matthew and Roxie take the kids out for dinner at the Bistro.

Roxie ditches part way through to play for the growing crowd.

And Ella goes into labour while the family’s away.

No way is she going through a home birth again. Not by herself, at least.

Her agent sends a limo to pick her up from the hospital. Ella’s just happy Thomas was born safe and sound. 

With four children in the house, Roxie takes the opportunity to retire so she can stay at home and help with the kids.

Matthew absolutely adores his new little boy.

To his surprise, he’s only been Mayor for a few days when he gets a call from someone in the big city, telling him that he’s being offered the job of Governor. 

“Can you believe it, Bells? I’ll be able to help so many more people this way! Who knows, maybe one day I can be in the position to make it so all sims are considered equal, no matter if they’re vampire, living, or ghost.”
Ella feigns happiness, but she’s scared that this means Matthew will never have time to be at home with her anymore. How’s she supposed to raise four children by herself? Roxie can’t live forever to help her!

“Nana Roxie convinced me that being a petty thief is sooo boring. So I’m thinking... Master Thief? And you can be the Emperor of Evil! Together we can rule the world!”

Johnathan is not impressed.
“Avi... you’re a freak.”

Kori receives an A on her second day of school, while Avarice and Johnathan are struggling to maintain a B-. Ella’s so proud.

Avarice has been with the family for only a few days before her first birthday comes. When she sees the cake Ella bought her, her eyes light up. “Dad never let me have a cake!”
Ella smiles. “I know.”
Now... what to wish for?

Hunh... her look is actually sorta perfect. 

While Ella and Matthew enjoy an early night...
“Is this a big enough family for you, Bells?”
“YES. If you try anything tonight I’ll kill you.” 

... Avarice goes to check on the baby.

Oh yeah. She’s evil.

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