Saturday, May 28, 2011

Ch. 21 : Attention Seeking

Avarice starts school on Monday. She’s a little nervous, but she won’t show it.

Oh NOW what is it, Ella?

Stop puking out your innards already. I give you enough attention as it is.

... Oh. Okay, I suppose I’ll give you a bit more attention.

Matthew doesn’t notice his wife’s pregnancy. He’s busy trying to convince Avarice that deserts are not a good option for breakfast. 
“But I love parfaits! And they have fruit! So they must be healthy.”

“You’re far too young to destroy your health. As long as you live in this house you will be eating healthy pancakes for breakfast. You can have a parfait after dinner. Understood?”
Avarice thinks Matthew’s a bit of a stick in the mud.

Roxie is happy that there are children in the house again. It means she can play with their toys!

Ella meanwhile has become quite the celebrity. Ever since the truth about Vile came out, everyone’s been wanting an interview with her or to buy her latest unauthorized biography (she’s had three). For the first time, people are actually smiling when they see her.

She’s careful not to take too much on though. She knows that she needs to take it easy while she’s pregnant. She’s also curious about who the baby will take after. Kori came out cute enough, will she and Matthew be lucky twice?

Avarice has decided that she wants to be a master thief when she’s older.

Since she’s still too young for that, she’ll settle for scaring Nana Roxie.
“Gimme all young money or I’ll shoot ya!”

Roxie hopes some long and hard tutoring will get Avarice to take school more seriously, and maybe do something better with her life then being a thief.

Kori and Johnathan have their birthday.
Kori’s pretty adorable.

Johnathan is more so.

“Our babies are all grown up.”
“We still have one on the way.”

“I can’t wait.”

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