Friday, May 27, 2011

Ch. 20 : The Election

On the day of the election, Matthew wakes up extra early to watch the news coverage. Apparently someone has been spreading the news that Matthew has been lying to the populous about his children’s parentage. Everyone thinks the “twins” are the children of some hidden vampire mistress Matthew is harbouring. 

Its pretty bang on, actually, so Matthew decides that its time to stop lying.
“You nervous, Bells?”
“A bit... but I know uncle can’t hurt me in front of so many people. Are you nervous?”
“Insanely so.”

“Good luck, hunny, I just know you’ll be elected.”

“You’re really the only politician the people could trust anyway...”

While Ella and Matthew are out, Roxie babysits. She absolutely adores the babies.

And the babies absolutely adore their books.

Morganna Wolff calls Matthew over just as the polls are coming to a close. “Its a good thing you did, coming clean about your wife. That law you’re fighting is stupid, and I’m glad to have been able to vote for you. Good luck, brainiac.”

Say Hello to Mr. Mayor.

“I am so hot for you right now Matthew...”

“Shouldn’t we move the bed back upstairs first, Bells?”
“Nah... I like the privacy down here.”

Matthew’s had a stressful day so he falls asleep almost right away. Ella however chooses to go out and relish in her new freedom. As a teen, she used to go out for a jog around town daily. She’s missed that. 

Her run takes her to the graveyard where she runs into a familiar face.
“... Uncle Vile?”

“Holy shit.” He spits out. “You really are a vampire now. I thought the kid was just making that up to win votes.”

Ella can NOT believe he just said that... “You know, Mr. Slayer, I’m glad you kicked me out. You’re a horrible, disgusting person who deserves to be alone forever. No wonder mom wanted to leave you.”

 He seems as if he’s about to say something rude before sighing and looking down at his feet. “Stupid child... you forget the law against vampires is still valid until tomorrow. However you arere right. I’m a bitter old man, and I admit defeat.”
“Wait... you what?”

“You heard me, munchkin. I’m out. I retired from politics last night after I lost the election. I’m moving out of my house and buying a shack in the mountains. Maybe take up painting, it always seemed to cheer you up after all.” 
Ella’s eyes narrow. “You beast. You’ve caused people so much pain! You’re evil! You’re not allowed to retire and have a happy ending with a wife and child!”

“Oh I won’t have a wife and child. Tori was no use to me after she gave me little Avarice, so I killed her. I just finished burying her here. I grew fond of her, no use leaving her body next to those of my vampiric victims.”
“And what of your daughter? And grandpa Tom?”
“Tom died months ago, stupid. And Avarice... well, you’ll be taking care of her.”
“Oh heeell no.”
“Oh heeeell yes, kid. I’ve already filled out the adoption papers. Hope you don’t mind that I faked your signature.”

“I hate you, Vile.”
“I hate you more, llama breath.”

When Ella finally gets home (This time taking the cab before the rising sun kills her), she’s surprised to see a tiny little girl munching on yesterday’s leftover pancakes. 
“Um... Hello. You must be Avarice.”

“Yep.” The little girl responds. 
“Would you... uh... like anything?”
“Nope.” The little girl pauses and looks up at Ella boredly. “I’m tired. Where’s my bed?”
“Uh... “

Yeah that’ll do. 


Originally that bedroom was going to be Ella and Matthew's master bedroom after his promotion to Mayor... but eh. Its a nicer kids room.

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