Thursday, May 5, 2011

Ch. 2 : Parties and Mistakes

“Yes... this is my house... go away...”

“Its purple and I LOVE IT.”

Her job as a fan is nothing glamourous, but Roxie never lets it get her down.

 Life is what you make it, and because of her daily concerts outside of the theatre, she’s been making quite the number of acquantinces. One of them, Erin Kennedy even invites Roxie over to her house for a party.

It’s a stinker... so Roxie decides to show her guest what a real party looks like. 
- Boys
- Pizza
- T.V.
- Dancing
And of course just a little bit of sweet talking with the local single hotties.

Despite the fact that the host spent most of the party flirting up Jared Frio, all the guest agreed it was an epic event, and Roxie promises to host more if everyone promises to come.

Jared for one can’t wait. He’s taken a couple of Roxie’s advances, but she doesn’t want love or a relationship. She’d rather just have like a bajillion best friends. He’s cool with that.
Stiles McGraw however...

When Roxie comes in early to work one day, she’s surprised to see just the two of them.  Set-up for that’s night concert is done with time to spare, so when Roxie comments on her extreme boredom, Stiles takes her hand and leads her into the utility closet in the back room.
Roxie can’t honestly say she didn’t enjoy what came next... but she did wish he’d left the light on because she seems to have misplaced her clothes.

Later that night, Roxie gets her first inkling that something may be wrong.

Luckily for her, it isn’t until Pauline gives her another promotion...

 ... that Roxie realizes just how badly she (got) screwed up.


  1. I love the misplaced clothes!
    What's with the radioactive vomit though?

  2. I laughed my way through this chapter. She definitely (got) screwed up... Lol.

  3. Ow how many chapters.... I am hooked already!