Thursday, May 26, 2011

Ch. 19 : Throw Down

Ella is worried that the babies aren’t getting along.

Kori I don’t CARE if you’re a night owl, you’re being a pest.

Johnathan quickly learns how to sleep no matter the noise level coming from the adjacent crib.

Tori gave Matthew a few days off to get acquainted with the new babies, and Ella leaves her painting for a while to help teach the babies to talk, walk, and go potty.

Kori learns to talk quickly once Ella starts talking about money.

Nancy Landgraab passes away. As her closest friend, Roxie lays her grave down next to Nancy’s forefathers. Hopefully, Cori’s grave can join her mother’s someday soon. 

“Kori you are just the most adorable baby I have ever seen!”

“... Besides your brother, of course.”

Tori visits Matthew at home one day with an important announcement.

He’s been promoted to Local Representative! The people have spoken and they want him! With the upcoming Mayoral elections just around the corner, this could mean that the citizens of Sunset Valley no longer have faith in Vile! Matthew might just be able to win this!

Late that same night he gets a call from Vile to meet him at the Bistro.

“Hello Mr. Slayer. Tori says you wanted to ask me something about the up-coming Mayoral Elections?”

“Yes! I’ve been looking at our options and I believe it is in the public’s best interest if I had you as my running mate. “
“Your... running mate?”
“Yes. You’d be my second in command. You’d still have power, Matthew, its not like I’d be the only one to pick and choose the laws and regulations. You’ll have just as much say in things as I do... I’ll just make the final decision. What do you say?”

“I’m... not sure what to say, Mr. Slayer.”
“Then say yes. I’m sure its what Ella would have wanted.”

That does it. 
“You, sir, are a beast.” Matthew spits out, trying and failing to bite back his rising temper.

“You’ve done nothing but lie, cheat and hurt the people of Sunset Valley and I plan to put a stop to that if its the last thing i do.”

“I WILL beat you in the polls tomorrow.”

“And you know what else? I have the bigger desk in this family. So go choke on that tonight while you cry yourself to sleep, old man.”

Damn boy, being mean feels GREAT.


If you didn't get the "desk" joke, check out Vasquez Legacy, ch. 1. It always makes me giggle cause "big/bigger desk" is an actual joke my friends use. (Yes we're lame like that)

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