Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Ch. 18 : Baby(ies)!

In the dead of the night, the Starr family finally gives Cori Landgraab a proper funeral, decorating her grave in the favourite colour both she and Ella share. If anyone asks, they’ll pass up the grave as Ella’s, not that anyone has even cared about her supposed death.

No wonder you’re having back problems, Ella, look at that bump! Wow!

Ella keeps meaning to sell her portraits to help her family furnish the rest of the house... but look at those butterflies! It just has to go into the nursery!

“Bells, the baby book says that you should be doing that-”
“Sweetie. I love you. So shut up before I kill you.”

Apparently the baby book was right (go figure) as Ella’s work out is cut short by labour pains. Shame she can’t go to the hospital, so a home birth it is...

She decides labour is as good a time as any to show off her awesome fangs.

Finally, the baby comes.

Matthew and Ella decide to name their new baby Kori, in memory of the girl whose ashes lie in their backyard. In truth, it was Ella’s idea. She doesn’t want Cori’s death to fade and be forgotten as Ella’s own has seemed to.

She takes after her mother.

Ella’s athletic-fanaticism is contagious.

Matthew absolutely adores his baby girl. He finally understands how much his mother truly loves him, and its down right scary. How is he supposed to take care of the baby vampire? He has to run Vile out of town asap, before people start asking questions.

Geoffery is one of the few Vampire sims in town allowed to keep his job. But thats probably just because his wife is growing older every day and he will soon be left in charge of the immense Landgraab fortune without her. I wonder what would happen if he knew his “best friend” Vile was responsible for the death of his only daughter.

Kori grows up fast.

Aaaand she inherits her mother’s hair as well as her vampirism. Matthew dies inside just a little bit. Thank goodness he never went into the evil mastermind career track. He sucks at this conspiracy thing.

Roxie also grows up, exactly how she wanted to, alone in the basement where no one can watch.

“Ella! Get out  of here!”
“Um... its MY bedroom, mom.”

Ugh... so unfabulous.

Now THIS is fabulous. Eccentric elder-hood, here she comes!

Wanna know Matthew’s newest master plan? 
“Why yes there ARE two babies in this basket, paparazzi, go away now.”

Roxie cuddles the newest addition, baby Johnathan while Matthew’s face reveals just what he thinks that annoying paparazzi girl should go do with herself.

Johnathan and Ella get along immediately. As if they really were twins. But like twins... they also have their moments of fighting...

“Eating people is FUN! Try it!”
“... Tastes like plastic.”

Although their differences might stem from the fact that Johnathan is Virtuoso, while Kori is a Genius.


Not goanna lie. The babies are ADORABLE together. They're always playing together or sit next to each other. If one is playing with the xylophone, the other goes the the logic toy. If one is reading, the other goes to the book right next door. Insanely adorable.


Ella's stir-crazy moodlet makes me sad. : ( 

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  1. “Sweetie. I love you. So shut up before I kill you.”
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