Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Ch. 17 : Home Sweet Home

They arrive back home early in the morning. Away form any prying eyes and curious paparazzi. 

The house is big, but the second floor will likely go unused for awhile.

Ella heads to the hidden basement where she and Matthew’s master bedroom sits waiting for them.

“How the hell did you get here first? I’M the freaking vampire!”
“Never underestimate my speed when a comfy bed is involved.”

Finally. Some alone time together with no one around to interrupt them. (And is it just me or the clothes piles REALLY make this picture look dirtier then it was meant to?)

Morning brings a surprise. 
Now what is it? She’s already a vampire so it can’t be that...

Roxie tries to get to know her daughter-in-law better.
“So... art is kind of like music, right? They’re pretty much the same thing.”

“What? No! Art is NOT like music! They’re two completely separate things and-”

“*Sigh* Yes... they are exactly the same thing. Happy now?”

To try and get over her sudden artistic crisis, Ella takes up sculpting.

It helps.

Speaking of which... 
“Hey Matthew... so um... I have some news.”

“We’re going to have a baby!”

“I can’t believe it! Bells, I’m so happy!”

Well... with a possible baby vampire on the way, it’ll be hard to keep Ella’s presence a secret. Matthew’s best bet is to try and beat Vile in the upcoming mayoral elections. And for that... he’ll have to practice his platform speech all night long, every night.

Returning to work after France, Matthew is shocked to learn that his boss, Tori, is now dating Vile Slayer. And she seems to be in the early stages of pregnancy with what Matthew assumes is Vile’s child.

Well this just screws EVERYTHING up. 
Matthew is currently at level 5 in the political career, and still has 18 days left of young adulthood. Youngest person ever to make Mayor? Fudge yes. Youngest person ever to make Leader of the Free World? >: D Your days are numbered, Shepard McDermott. 
I swear to whatever god you believe in, I had no affect in Vile’s romance and possible pregnancy. (He ends up having a girl) I never expected him to actually start a family! Ugh... this makes everything so much more complicated... but also more fun. So many things I could do with this...
Rolls for Gen Three: 
- Couple
- One child
- Standard Career -> Business
- Non-standard Career -> Busker
- Property Mogul
- Luxury
I swear my rolls have a mind of their own. Business? Property Mogul? Luxury? This is perfect.

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  1. Ha! As long as Shepard is the Leader of the Free World with the most illegitimate kids by different mothers, he's happy to hand over the youngest title to Matthew.
    Great update! It will be fun seeing if Matthew and Ella can pull off their plan.