Monday, May 23, 2011

Ch. 16 : FRANCE!

Matthew was only able to secure the time off for a trip because he promised to do some networking with the Mayor of Champs Le Sims. 

She only lets him go when he carefully hints that he really should be spending time with his new wife. Are all women secretly hopeless romantics?

Back at base, Ella helps Roxie work on her chess skills. Ella regrets forgetting her art easel in Sunset Valley. 

They attract a crowd for Roxie’s fans before long. Ella just makes sure to keep her head down. She should’ve worn more clothing but its too hot out.

When Matthew returns he takes his new wife to the cafe for brunch. Ella makes sure to smile for the camera. Her plasma fruit can pass for an apple. 

Roxie gets inspiration in the weirdest places.

Master’d yo. What a load of weight off her shoulders.

“Oh my GOSH! You’re Roxie Starr’s kid, aren’t you?”
“*Sigh* Yes... Yes I am.”

The girls prefer to just read while Matthew answers the paparazzi’s questions. Vampires are  still just considered a myth in France so no one asks about Ella’s skin tone.

The new couple’s wedding night ends with some rude intruders.

Ella knows where you live now. And she WILL hurt you if you ever walk in on her again. How embarrassing!

Matthew wants babies... too bad they’ll have to wait.

Roxie knows what they’re probably doing right now... she wishes she had a boyfriend. 

The following morning news has gotten around that Ella and Matthew have been hiding some facts while in the bedroom. Matthew quickly manages to put the lid on the scandal before word reaches home, but the damage in France is done.

“Oh my gosh. Are you Roxie Starr?”
“Um... yes...”

“Cool! I’m such a big fan of your work in Phantom of the Public Restroom!”
Roxie wonders if all her fans are this insane. (She wrote the music for that film drunk!)

Meanwhile, the happy couple work on making Ella disappear. 
“Just act natural and pose for the pictures, okay baby?”
“Like this?”
“Thats... yeah, that’ll do.”

“Now remember, head down to the hidden room downstairs while I chat up some of the people here. Stay down there for the rest of the day and I’ll be sure my contacts here make it look like you died in a cave-in.”

“So... I guess I should go downstairs. No point in stalling.”
“Yeah... be careful baby, please. I don’t want a real accident.”

“I will. I love you.”
“I love you too.”

Now where the heck is that trap door...

Oh there we go. That’s cool.

“I’m doing this for my husband... for my family... for my husband... oh dear watcher I’m going to die aren’t I.”

Meanwhile Matthew makes small talk with the Mayor again. 
“Oh my gosh! I LOVE pink too!”

As the artificially created cave-in rumbles behind her, Ella’s fears worsen. 

 Oh hey. Treasure. That sure took her mind off of things.


I know I'm not supposed to use vacations to skill-up. And i swear I didn't! I just sent the group to the museum and was busy with Ella and Matthew. When I looked back at Roxie she was playing the guitar and I didn't want to ruin the crowd she'd gathered. Poor Ella looked terrified for every second she was in the tomb.

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