Sunday, May 22, 2011

Ch. 15 : Making Plans

It isn’t until late that night that Matthew gets inspiration for a plan.

He’ll get things in order just as soon as his next work shift is over.

Meanwhile Roxie has really been working hard at her guitar skill. She doesn’t have much time before she ages up again, and she plans on retiring in order to enjoy her golden years. So there isn’t much time left to make a name for herself at work.

“Ella sit down, you’re making me tired just looking at you. Have some cake with me.”
“I can’t! I need to finish my work out or I’ll get chubby!”
“... You eat plasma. I’m pretty sure there isn’t any fat in that.”
“Have you SEEN the sims in this city?”

What a nice car. If the theatre could afford THAT for her carpool then I’m sure they could’ve set more aside for nicer uniforms.

When Matthew returns from work he fills Ella in on his plan. “First. We get married. A small ceremony with no cameras, but I’ve made sure the paparazzi find out and report it to your uncle.”

“And then after, you, me and mum will go to France on vacation while I have a new house built for us.” 

“And after?” Ella asks. “My uncle won’t leave us alone if he finds out that I’m happy. And he’d kill us all if he found out I’ve become a vampire!”
Matthew smiles at her. “Thats because we’re going to fake your death.” 

“We will be together Ella, I promise. As soon as I’m able to, I’ll run against him for Mayor, and I’ll fight this stupid law until I win. But until then, we’ll need to hide that you’re here. Are you alright with that?”
“I’ve been hiding my whole life.” She answers. “What’s a few more years?”

And with that, they wed. Ella takes Matthew’s surname, and Roxie gets home just in time to watch her baby boy get married.

I didn’t know Vampires were able to reach inside SIms bodies without causing injury... (Thats his shoulder, Ella, not his heart.)

The taxi to the airport is supposed to arrive in the early morning, so the family gets up at an insane time in order to make their flight.
“How’s breakfast, Bells?”
“Awful. Shut up and eat your damn waffles.”

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  1. Roxie gets to go on the "honeymoon"!
    I wonder how close is Roxie getting to being an elder?