Saturday, May 21, 2011

Ch. 14 : Death of a Vampire

“...I was thinking of coming to visit you when I spotted your friend Cori walking up to the front door.”

“I swear I tried to keep it civil.”

“But maybe I’m not as politically correct as I’d assumed because it wasn’t long before she was yelling at me for trying to trick you into falling in love with me, and trying to turn you into a monster like we are.”

“Then my uncle got home. He spoke to her kindly, finally managing to calm her down.” 

“By this time it was early in the morning, and my uncle offered to let her spend the night. Stupidly, she agreed.”

“And then what happened?” Asked Matthew. 
“Well... “

“There’s a hidden basement under our house with small rooms. I never knew what they were for until my uncle took her there and locked her inside. The glass was strong enough to stop a rampaging train, so a vampire would have no chance of escaping, and it was far enough down that phones wouldn’t work. “

“When I asked him what he was planning, he told me he was going to wait for her to starve to death, and then put her grave in the cemetery with all the other graves he’d accumulated.”

“I felt horrible. I knew I should have warned her, tried to get her out before he’d locked her up downstairs, but I was so scared of my uncle, and of her.”

“Eventually though, I knew she didn’t have much time left, and I couldn’t stand the guilt anymore. I decided to break her out.”

“I begged and begged her to leave, but she didn’t believe I wanted to help her. I guess she thought maybe I was trying to trick her into something worse.”

“She said the only way she’d trust me was if I let her feed...”

“I know she was your friend... but I knew I couldn’t trust her.”

“And right after that... she was gone.”

“When my uncle found me there crying he’d assumed I’d murdered her myself. He was mad at me for giving her the easy way out. He’d been about to feed her plasma fruit in order to keep the torture prolonged. I told him that yes I had killed her, and it made him angrier because crying meant I was weak... so he threw me out, threatening to tell everyone that I’d killed Cori if I ever returned or shared his story. People would believe him because it was no secret I hated her.”

At last Ella fell quiet for a moment, only to speak again, this time with a shaky voice. “So what now? Are you going to turn me in?”
Matthew shook his head, deep in thought. “No... I’m trying to think of a way we can bring justice to your uncle. Is there any way you can find out where he’s buried his other victims? If we ca find the graves then-”
“There’s no use.” Ella interrupts. “The voting for the anti-Vampire by law took place earlier today. Its already been passed. Even if you’d been high enough in your career track to be able to vote it wouldn’t have made a difference. Uncle has every person of power in this city in his pocket. The only reason you’re not already being paid off is because Uncle assumed I’d be able to keep you line once we were married... not that you’d want to do that anymore, right?”
“I still want to marry you.” Matthew answers instead. “I don’t blame you... and I need your help to make this right. But I just need time.”
Matthew smiles at her. “To think up a plan. Your uncle won’t get away with this. I’ll get justice for Cori if its the last thing I do.” 


  1. How did she drink and then still die? (logistically, not story wise).
    I loooove this, vengeful justice will come to Uncle Vile :)

  2. Haven't you played vampires before? She sure as heck wasn't drinking. :P