Saturday, May 21, 2011

Ch. 13 : History of a Slayer

Reply to ebec 11: Actually she's got the "good" trait. :P I do love her though, she's one of my favourite characters. I may have to re-start my evil sim legacy story too. I miss that one.

Back to your regularly scheduled program:


Matthew’s been spreading the news of the upcoming wedding like there’s no tomorrow. Most people just smile and congratulate him, but no one really cares. Thankfully Agnes Crumplebottom, the still-single Vampire is a hopeless romantic and wants to know absolutely EVERYTHING! 

“Will your mother be there? SIlly me, of course she will be. She loves you! Oh will she be wearing something fabulous? What about the bride? What name brand is she thinking for the dress? AND THE COLOR SCHEME! What is it?”
Matthew is thrilled to indulge with every detail. 

Vile even comes up behind them to eavesdrop and neither notices.
“We’re hoping for a big family. Maybe three kids... five kids... however many we can pop out before losing our minds.”

Ella meanwhile has been feeling a bit under the weather. Roxie claims its morning sickness but Ella isn’t convinced. She’s certain its just her body trying to destroy her from the inside out.

When she isn’t trying to puke herself inside out or hiding from the paparazzi who suddenly have an interest in her, Ella spends most her time outside practicing her painting. One day she’ll be a famous artist and everyone will love her.

Roxie supplies mood music for atmosphere and inspiration.

Bree Ursine got pretty. Matthew never talked to her much during school, but not that they’re both adults they’ve hung out a bit.

Ella... why are you... glowing?

Ooooh. That’s why.

Roxie calls Matthew home and for a moment he doesn’t seem to notice.

But then...
“So... uh... I guess it isn’t morning sickness?”
Ella giggles and shakes her head. “No. Guess not.”
Matthew’s frown deepens. “When did this happen? Actually, HOW did this happen?”

“Well, I suppose I do owe you an explanation.” 
“I wasn’t going to say anything... but yes. An explanation would be nice.” 

“Well... my family has always been different. As you’ve seen, we like to keep to ourselves, and we believe that family is the only thing that matters. If you’re part of the family, you’re supposed to be born in it, and then die in it. Marriage is out of the question... usually.”
“Usually?” Matthew asks. 

Ella nods. “Yeah. There’re the rare instances... but they usually result in being disowned, like I’ve been. Anyway, my uncle and mom where the only two legitimate kids born to the family in their generation, all the others having died or been disowned before my grandfather moved his family to Twinbrook. 
“My mom and uncle were very close growing up, and swore to never leave each other’s side. My mother’s job was to bring in the next generation, and my uncle would provide for the family however he could.
“That was until she met my father. His name was Beau Merrick, and he’d moved to Twinbrook from Bridgeport all alone. He and my mom began a short courtship, of which my older brother Gregory was born, as a vampire youngling. Not long after, I was born as well, but as a human. 
At first my uncle was happy. There were two new children in the family, one of whom would live forever. But then my mother made the mistake of falling in love. My parents made plans to leave, move back to Bridgeport and live together forever. My father was planning to turn her, and when I was an adult, he would turn me too.”
“And what happened instead?”

“My uncle found out. And he killed them both. My brother managed to run away, but I was left behind since I was too young to understand what was happening. My uncle blamed vampires for trying to break our family apart, and apparently so did much of the cities we moved to when his career in politics began picking up speed. He created a law that pronounced Vampires as legally dead SIms, thus making it impossible for them to get jobs or have rights. They could even be murdered in public with the attacker receiving no consequences.”
Matthew frowned. “And sims were just... alright with that?”
“He’s an elected official, Matthew, what do you think?”
“... I didn’t think of it that way.”

“But this doesn’t explain how you got disowned, or why you’re here... or why you’re a vampire.” 
Ella looks down at her feet. For the first time looking as if she were ashamed of something. “It... started the same day as your birthday... 


  1. Very interesting chapter... I can't wait to read more!

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    I love a good sim too, as long as they're still complex like Ella is :)

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