Thursday, May 19, 2011

Ch. 11 : Mysterious Mysteries

Sims are starting to disappear. One minute they’re here...

The next... poof.

Roxie gets worried so she starts sending Matthew home after school with Cori. His grounding wouldn’t have lasted long anyway, disappearances or no.

Matthew would never admit it... but he’s kind of jealous that Cori is so rich. Honestly though, why would you need TWO bookshelves? Well... he has two bookshelves as well, but Cori’s family has bookcases with the exact SAME books in each one! Thats just frivolous!

Not long after he and Cori have finished their homework, he gets a call from Ella asking him out. Cori promises to cover for him and out he goes. 

She looks nervous, a bit on edge. He tries to ask her about it but she just pushes him into the diner. 

While Ella’s in the washroom, Matthew sees Jack Bunch crying his eyes out, and his good trait won’t let him stay in his seat. 
“Hey uncle Jack. What’s wrong?”
“It’s my wife... She died last night. Doc says it was just her time.”

“Oh, I'm so sorry for your loss. But you have to realize, every sim has to meet with Grim sooner or later. The best thing you can do is just relish the memories you made together.”

“But I could have saved her! I could have given her so much time if she’d only let me turn her...”
“Our lives are our own, Jack, everyone makes their own decisions. She chose not to live as a vampire, you have to respect that.”

“You’re a good boy, Matthew.”
“Thanks, Jack.”
“I only wish you were dating my little Teri and not that monster.”

Once Ella returns: 
“So nobody in this town likes you.”
[sarcasm] “Really, Matthew? I hadn’t noticed.” [/sarcasm]
“Can you tell me why that is?”

A car pulls up, this time with her grandfather in the driver’s street. “I have to go now, Matthew.” She says quickly, without looking at him. Pausing only to flash him a quick smile. “Oh, and happy early birthday.”
Matthew just sighs and decides to lose himself in his fantasy books instead of worrying about his girlfriend. Tomorrow he embarks into young adulthood... and he’s not looking forward to it.

But Saturday comes all too soon, so Matthew and Cori decide to celebrate their birthdays together, in a private party with just them. Roxie would have been invited as well but she was at work so they didn’t bother.

“I’d better get a g--da----ed pony this time you stupid cake.”

Oh... this is different.

Cori feels as if a part of her has died... but at the same time, not. She no longer needs food or the feel of the warm sun on her tender young skin.

... Right after she grabs a piece of cake and wishes her bff a happy birthday out in the sun.

Matthew doesn’t want to tell you what he wished for. Its personal. And if he tells you it won’t come true.

Eew no. You go to the salon immediately. And take Cori with you.

After their first field trip out as adults, Cori excuses herself. Saying that she has to get home so her dad can teach her about the important things in life now that she’s a full fledged vampire.

She never makes it.


I love being melodramatic. : )

Roxie isn't in this much because she's spending most of her time either working or playing her guitar/reading logic books. 

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