Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Ch. 10 : The "talk"

It has come to Matthew’s attention that in the past week that he’s been courting Ella... he’s been alienating and ignoring many of his closest friends. 

Specifically this friend. 

“Hey Cori. what’s cooking?”

“Matthew! Oh my gosh I thought you’d like died or something! I haven’t seen you since our birthday!”

“Yeah I’ve been busy... I met someone that I really like. We’re dating now.”
“Oh my gosh, you’re kidding! Who is it?”
“Ella Slayer.”

Cori looks at him oddly before heading home without another word. A few minutes later, Matthew has caught up to her at the door. She lets him in at the prompting of her mother. 
“What the heck, Cori? What did I do?”

“You’re dating that monster! THAT’S what you’re doing!”

“How can you possibly say that? Ella is the sweetest, most gentle person I have ever met. She’s funny, she’s beautiful, and i really love her. What’s your deal with her?”

“Her uncle in the devil.” Cori finally answers. “He’s known as the Vampire-killer in other cities. He became famous out east by initiating by-laws that pronounced vampires as legally dead sims, thus making it impossible for them... for me... to live normal lives once we turn adult. No one knows why he hates my kind so much, but dad tells me that wherever Vile goes, death soon follows.”

“Cori I swear I had no idea.” Matthew starts, before softening his gaze and grabbing her arms, making sure she doesn’t run away again. “But you have to understand, Ella is not her uncle. I don’t think they even get along since I never see them speak to each other. I can’t say anything about him, but I can tell you that Ella is not like him at all. Can’t you just give her a chance? For me? I love her, and I love you. Don’t ever make me choose between you.”

She finally smiles. “Okay. But don’t expect us to ever become bffs or anything like that.”
“It’s a deal.” He answers. “Plus you’re my bff. And I don’t want to share that.”

“Hey Bells, sup?... Oh not much, I just got home from Cori’s house... yeah, she’s been my best friend since like forever!... cool. Hey so there’s no school tomorrow, do you want to go out for din-”

“Oh... okay... yeah, no big deal. I’ll talk to you later then... Ella?... Ella did you just hang up on me? Oh. Yes. Yes you did.”

Days later, Roxie looses her best friend to Grim’s embrace. Erin died during the night at home, all alone. Roxie is the only one who attends her reclusive friend’s funeral. It’s heartbreaking.

Ella still isn’t returning Matthew’s calls, and keeps canceling last minute when he tries to schedule a date. Cake helps heal the ache.

According to Cori, Ella isn’t game for being friends, so in a last ditch effort to make the two girls in his life see eye to eye, Matthew throws a party and invites all his friends from school. 

“Hey Matthew.”
“Bells! I’m so glad you could make it!”
“I wouldn’t miss this for anything. Congrats on making honor roll, by the way.”

Unfortunately they’re only able to share a few quick words and a hug before two cars pull up. One with Cori, the other with Ella’s uncle. 
“Sorry, Matthew. I’ve got to go... but um... I guess the party was okay?”

Cori doesn’t say anything about Ella’s departure. She knows Matthew just needs a friend right now. 

Roxie isn’t mad that Matthew threw a house party without permission. She’s mad that the party tanked. No son of HERS will throw a lousy party. He’s grounded for a week... or until his birthday. Whichever comes later.

Oh she’s been promoted again, by the way.
“Hello. I’m Mrs. Penguin. Have you seen my husband? Oh wait. I don’t have one. MATTHEW, GET MY UMBRELLA!”
“Ugh... you’re so lame, mom.”

Ella’s started attending Sunset Valley Secondary after the party so she and Matthew can at least hang out during school hours. 

Roxie is usually at work by the time Matthew gets home from school so he decides to skip his grounding one day and heads home with Ella. 

“I’ve missed you so much.”

“Lets run away together, Matthew. Just you and me~... We can live on the beach somewhere in a quiet town. Raise a big family and just be happy.”
“Ella, we will do that. Here. But just not yet.” 


Iiiiii suck at tiiiiittlllleeeessss.

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