Wednesday, May 4, 2011

CH. 1 : Hello Sleepy Valley!

“Hello Residents. My name is Roxzaine Starr, and I am here to breathe some life into your dull little world!”

Welcome to my random legacy redo. This is a “what if” legacy. “What if” Alicia had stayed at home? “What if” her older sister Roxzaine had left the nest instead? How would life in Sunset Valley have changed? Well one thing is for sure, if Alicia stirred up the town with a little scandal, Roxzaine is going to stir it up one hundred times harder.
First thing’s first: A quick re-model.

That’s better.
Oh and a guitar! Yay!

Now to meet some locals! 
At first no one will approach her, likely scared off by her appearance. Roxie seemed worried for a minute before a soft voice gets her attention. 
“Oh hello, you must be new! Welcome to Sunset Valley!” The sweet orange-top says with a smile, hand outstretched in welcome.
Roxie breathes a sigh of relief. “Yes! I am new. For a while there I was starting to think I was invisible too.”

“Its just that you look like one of the Goths from up on the hill. They’re all a bit quirky so folks tend to stay away from them.”
“Oooh.” Roxie says, slightly confused, before finally remembering her manners. “I’m Roxzaine Starr, by the way.”
“Fione McIrish.” The orange-head responds. “I have to go now, but I wish you the best. Do keep in touch.”
After that, Roxie had the confidence to go out and approach some of the valley residents, particularly those of the male persuassion.

Before heading home for the night, Roxie decides to give an impromptu concert right outside the theatre.

Oh hi Leighton.

Yeah... I think she’s goanna be a hit. Don’t you?

Rolls for Gen One:
- Single Parent
- 1 child
- Primary career: Musician (classical)
- 5 star celebrity
- Partier

At first I was a little worried about starting a new legacy since I loved Alicia's family so much... but then I realized that Roxie was 100% more awesome than her little sister. So I re-made her from memory, changed her "snob" trait to "childish" and sent her to Sunset Valley. 

Until I can get Alicia's legacy back up and running (Which may take a while of finding everything and putting it in the correct folder), Roxie will be leading my brand new legacy. I love her already and I sure hope you do too.


  1. Great second start, i can't wait for you to publish the next chapters.
    Where do you get the time to do four so quickly? Recently i can't even get one a day done now i'm back to school D:

  2. Ah, honestly one hour of playing will give me a bunch of material to play with. So I don't have trouble making many chapters a day. Plus I'm used to working with deadlines because of work and school. xD I dunno, my stories just fall into chapters naturally.